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United Vs Norwich Preview

Hmmm tak sempat nak bagi preview panjang..just said that United akan belasah Norwich 4-0 hehehehe.

Economic Getting Worse?

U.S. CEOs view of economy worsens in 3Q: Roundtable                        
Written by Reuters   
Thursday, 29 September 2011

BOSTON: U.S. chief executives' view of the economy deteriorated sharply in the third quarter, with the number who expect to cut jobs roughly doubling, according to a survey released on Thursday, Sept  29.

A quarterly survey by the Business Roundtable found that 24 percent of CEOs expected to cut jobs in the U.S. over the next six months, more than double the 11 percent who had forecast that in the second quarter.

The number who expected the companies' sales to rise fell to 65 percent from 87 percent and the number who expect to boost capital spending fell to 32 percent from 61 percent.

The overall CEO Economic Outlook index dropped for a second consecutive quarter to 77.6, its lowest point since the fourth quarter of 2009. Even at the lower level the diffusion index remained above 50, implying that CEOs expected the economy to grow.

Overall, CEOs look for real U.S. gross domestic product to rise 1.8 percent this year, sharply lower than the 2.8 percent growth forecast in March.

"While we see strong business fundamentals in America still, the quarterly survey results reflect increased uncertainty among CEOs concerning the economic climate and business environment," said Boeing Co (BA.N) CEO Jim McNerney, who chairs the Roundtable.

There were sharp drops on all three readings -- sales, capital spending and employment.
For most of the past two-and-a-half years, the index had been recovering from the record low of negative 5 hit in the first quarter of 2009, in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis that brought down Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. The survey has been conducted quarterly since December 2002.

Even as investor worries have sent the U.S. stock market, as measured by the broad Standard & Poor's 500 index .SPX, down 14 percent since mid-July, some CEOs have insisted publicly that they are not worried that the nation's economy is slipping back into a downturn.

"In the U.S., we're still seeing economic expansion," Ford Motor Co (F.N) CEO Alan Mulally told a small group of reporters in Bangkok on Thursday. "We're very encouraged by the recovery even though it is slower than in the past."

The survey of 140 CEOs was conducted from August 29 through September 16. Business Roundtable-member companies generate some $6 trillion in annual revenue and employ more than 14 million people. - Reuters

From Paul Scholes - My Story

This was  from United great Paul Scholes who wrote his story in his book called My Story. Below was taken from the The Sun UK that last week told story regarding his family. In this second part he told more interesting stories. I was captivated by the stories and decided to put all here. Enjoy...

PAUL SCHOLES is an all-time great England footballer and, in an era of high-profile players, he has remained fiercely private.

Now, having retired from the game last season, the 36-year-old Manchester United and Three Lions legend has given fans a glimpse into his world through his frank book Scholes: My Story.
In Day Two of The Sun's exclusive serialisation, Paul reveals his thoughts on a string of subjects, from Sir Alex Ferguson's penalty taking to his own tenacious tackling.

On Sir Alex Ferguson

I'M not quite so scared of Sir Alex now as when I was a boy of 12.
Don't get me wrong, there's still an element of fear, but back in my school days it could be a terrifying experience to see him coming down the corridor towards you.
Given his reputation, he was someone I definitely tried to avoid! But then you grow up and you understand why he does what he does.

Occasionally he'll ask the opinion of the senior players, though not too often. Usually it will be to do with the mood of the camp, perhaps if we've had some bad results.

If you've got any problem, on or off the pitch, Sir Alex is the man to see. He's really sympathetic if there are family issues and he'll always give you time to sort them out.
If you want to learn how to handle the Press, there's no better teacher than Sir Alex Ferguson.
When I've been waiting with him ahead of a conference, it's been clear that he relishes the cut and thrust.
You sit back and witness the master at work. It doesn't matter what the issues are, he's always in control. Of course, he's in control of the entire club, has been for years, and you might say he's the ultimate control freak. Whatever he says goes.
A few years ago he used to join in training, often by playing in our boxes exercise — one-touch stuff with eight players passing and two defending. If you lose the ball, you take the place of one of the defenders.
The trouble was the manager refused to go in, always making out it was somebody else's fault.
To be fair, you could see he had a nice left foot and he loved taking penalties.
Nobody could ever save them — or perhaps I should say nobody dared to save them!

On England

I retired from internationals because I was missing my wife and children.
I have to confess I didn't enjoy the World Cup tournament in Japan in 2002. It personified all I don't like about international football — too much travelling, staying in a hotel an hour from the airport, flying here, there and everywhere for each game.
The egos have landed ... England team at the World Cup in Japan in 2002
Having such young children and being away from home for six weeks was no good for me. Some lads can cope, but I struggled with it.
As a result my form and overall contribution were not up to scratch.
A secondary factor in my disenchantment with the England set-up was the selfish attitude of some other players. There were too many individuals there for personal glory.
I felt they didn't care enough about England, that they were using the national team as a way to be noticed. I found that very frustrating.

On growing up

I was always football daft. When I went to junior school, I would leave home half an hour early in the mornings and spend the time before the bell kicking the ball around the schoolyard.
Occasionally some mates would be involved but often I was on my own and that didn't bother me. I was happy as long as I had that ball.
On Sundays we'd play at the local field for three or four hours, then I'd go annoy the neighbours by kicking the ball against their fence.

On Eric Cantona

Everybody is aware of the inspiration he provided on the pitch but maybe it's not so widely appreciated that he was always a brilliant bloke, too.
In those days there used to be a players' pool of cash for various commercial endorsements and when it was divided we'd all get a cheque for the same amount.
Generous spirit ... Eric Cantona had a great influence on the young Paul Scholes

On one occasion, when we were due to receive £1,500 each, it was decided that all the chequeswould go into a hat, then whoever's name was drawn out would get the lot.
Now, £1,500 wasn't much to the older lads, but to the likes of Nicky Butt and me it was a load of cash, so really it was pretty stupid of us to take part in the lottery. When the Frenchman won the pot, everybody was calling him "Golden Bollocks".
But then Eric shut everybody up by just handing the money to Nicky and me, saying that we deserved it for having the balls to take the risk.

So the pair of us went home very happy boys, all thanks to the generous Monsieur Cantona.

On the pitch there were still times I was having to pinch myself to believe that I really was a team-mate of this great footballer.

On his footballing diet

I recall one youth team trip to Switzerland with Brian Kidd and Nobby Stiles in charge when they were eating spaghetti bolognese and I didn't even know what it was. Honestly, I'd never even heard of it. It was a case of: "Where's my sausage and chips?"
Later I realised I might have to change things when we discovered that I suffered from mild asthma, the theory being that my weight might have contributed to the condition.

On David Beckham

Becks was always amazing with his hairdos. It seemed like there was something new every week. It kept me entertained as I never knew what fantastic creation was coming next.
The special moment was always the "big reveal" when the hat came off.
It was like the curtains opening on a work of art. Did the other lads take the mick? Probably the first couple of times, but then we got used to it.
We all have different lifestyles, we all do different things when we go home. But so what?
Genuine character ... Paul Scholes has great respect for his friend and former England colleague David Beckham

Becks loves the game and always gives his all. During his time at United, nothing was too much trouble, no effort too great.
On the pitch he would always work on after training and in matches he was always available to receive the ball, his crosses were sublime and his work-rate was phenomenal.
Whenever we meet now he'll ask about my kids and family.
Genuine — that's the word that really sums up David Beckham.

On his tackling

Sir Alex, pretty well every time I went out, told me to watch my tackling, but he knew I had to make challenges as a central midfielder. It was very disappointing when I made one awkward tackle and got booked for it, as happened so frequently.
As the years went by, it felt as if some referees were less and less tolerant towards me, opting for an early booking rather than giving me a couple of chances.
But I never set out to hurt anyone.

What the stars say about Paul Scholes
Here, some of soccer's biggest names give their verdicts on Paul:
SIR ALEX FERGUSON: When he started to play you could see exceptional ability – but he was so tiny. One day I turned to my assistant, Jim Ryan, and said: "He's got no chance, he's a midget." That's become a standing joke. Jim never lets me forget that early assessment and I have to hold my hands up.
There's also wicked humour about Scholesy. For instance, it was never wise to go for a pee anywhere near the side of the training pitch when he was about.
I can remember Gary Neville doing just that, trotting a good 40 yards away and facing a fence.
There he was, doing his business, when suddenly – whack – Scholesy's hit him on the back of the head with a sweet right footer. He was that accurate.
Paul is one in a million and I was left to reflect on how mightily privileged United have been that he graced our team.
BOBBY CHARLTON: Let me make a little confession. In my position as a director of Manchester United, I know I shouldn't have favourites, but I must admit it – Paul Scholes is my favourite.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say that for a long time now he has been my footballing hero.
Even in the last months leading up to his retirement, Paul was a master, a sensational performer, one of the finest in the world.
He always possessed that indefinable, special ingredient that goes into the making of a star.
Yet through all the years, with all the success he has enjoyed, he has remained the same lovely, unassuming individual.
NICKY BUTT: Once at the training ground he was so naughty that some first-team players put him in the tumble-dryer.
I can't recall exactly what he'd done, but I'm sure he deserved it!
STEVE BRUCE: We always wanted to make life as comfortable as we could for the young lads and banter was a sure way of doing that.
Another was by using a big, industrial tumble dryer at the training ground, into which misbehaving youngsters had to be introduced occasionally.
It might even have been switched on once or twice, but I'm not owning up to pressing the button. There are laws against that sort of thing.
WAYNE ROONEY: For me, Scholesy's the best footballer England has produced in my time. The way he controlled games, passed the ball, saw things others didn't see. It was such a pleasure to play with him.
GLENN HODDLE: Scholes was the jewel in the crown, the first name on the team sheet and unquestionably one of the finest England players of the age.
KEVIN KEEGAN: I'd give him ten out of ten for everything except his tackling and as a person I'd give him 11 out of ten, because he's a special lad.
SVEN GORAN ERIKSSON: If you gave me Paul Scholes and ten others, I would be happy. I would tell them to give him the ball and then we would have a good team.

BPL Matchday 7 Fixtures

1 October 2011, Saturday
About 6.45 pm (Malaysia)
Aston Villa
Wigan Athletic
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia)
Blackburn Rovers
Manchester City
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia)
Manchester United
Norwich City
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia)
West Bromwich Albion
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia)
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Newcastle United
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia)
2 October 2011, Sunday
Bolton Wanderers
About 7.30 pm (Malaysia
Queen Park Rangers
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia
Swansea City
Stoke City
About 9.00 pm (Malaysia
Tottenham Hotspur
About 10.00 pm (Malaysia

The Red and Blue half of Manchester will take on domestic games for salvation after their disappointment  in mid week games in Europe. United will go out with all gun blazing against Norwich City at Old Trafford. They need to score many goals and keep the clean sheet.

But matches of the week would be Everton vs Liverpool for Merseyside derby. Everton may be seem to be weaker team this season but for derby match it would be different. Another match will be London derby Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal. Both team seemed to recovery from the slump suffered at the beginning of the season. So this is very exciting match to watch.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

United vs Basel: The After Match

Man Utd boss Ferguson: Berbatov should have passed to Nani for winner

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson they could have won their 3-3 draw with FC Basle - if Dimitar Berbatov had made his pass.
Despite being disappointed with his side's defensive play, the boss was full of praise for the Reds' resilience and attitude to salvage a point.
"When you look at the nature of our club it's not a surprise that we came back, and we could have won it," he said.
"Berbatov had a great chance [in injury time]. If he'd have squared the ball it was a tap-in for Nani.
"The players realised they had to rescue the game and their character got them there."
Yes Berba had glorious chance to win the game but he smashed the ball into side netting. Maybe he was going for self glory at it was at stoppage time. He took the risk and failed. But the game not to blame on one player only. The back line was too fragile. Going forward was awesome but not when under attack.
Basically United had chose the hard way in this campaign.

Wigan Boss: United Better Than Barca

Roberto Martinez: Manchester United Are Mentally Tougher Than Barcelona
23 September 2011

Wigan Athletic boss Roberto Martinez believes that Manchester United’s mental strength is what sets them apart from their Catalan rivals.

“In many ways they (Manchester United) are better than Barcelona – that’s just down to the mentality, the belief and they way they approach games,” Martinez said.
“What Barca have is the way they play the game, they are very unique, you won’t see another team in world football that will rely on 900 passes to win the game. The pattern of their play is impossible to compare.
“But United have a blend and mentality in the squad that is the best in world football. It’s just a matter of beating a team like Barca in a one-off game and see who can be European champions, as I believe they are on a different level than anyone else.”

A bold statement surely, but can United use their mental strength to defeat Barcelona in a potential Champions League encounter? Possibly, but it’s going to take more than mental strength to knock the European Champions off their perch.

For starters, Sir Alex Ferguson must come up with a game-plan to put pressure on Barcelona’s back four. United will definitely need to be more attacking if they fancy their chances at knocking off the Catalan’s.

Also, the young guns should get a long look in at the starting XI. Tom Cleverley performed very well against Barcelona in the pre-season. If healthy, Cleverley would be a great option for United in central midfield, even more so than United legend Ryan Giggs.

Giggsy is not a starting option simply because of his age and lack of ability to close down Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, and Messi. However, Giggs would be an ideal super-sub if United needed a lift off of the bench.

It’s safe to say that this year’s Manchester United is stronger than last year’s. United have gotten off to a historic start in 2011-12, surprising many football experts in the process.
Former United star Lou Macari has been surprised with United’s cracking start to the new campaign. He admitted that United’s stellar start has been a bit of a shock.
“I can’t believe it,” Macari said.
“I worried about Paul Scholes going, Gary Neville going and especially Edwin van der Sar as he’s a keeper and it’s a specialised position.
“I was just thinking at the start of the season that these new lads haven’t experienced what it’s all about at United. We’ve got to give them time to settle but they’ve come out of the starting blocks fast and are getting faster!
“Some of the performances have been brilliant and someone said to me we could go the whole season without losing a game at Old Trafford. I thought that’s not going to happen but the more I think about it, we won 17 and drew one last year and I don’t see who can stop us at home going for 18 out of 18.”

Agreed this was very bold statement by Mr Martinez. Not sure why he made this statement. Just maybe he is United fan. But he is Spanish so he should be on Barca side. Nevertheless United should take this as encouragement and compliment to knock Barca from their perch. Same as Liverpool.

Congrates My Bro

Inilah anak saudara aku terbaru hasil kerjasama dan kasih sayang adik bongsu aku Nor Akmal Hisham dan isterinya Aishah. Nama yang nak diberikan khabarnya yang diwar warkan di facebook ialah Rayyan Nafiz. Maksudnya aku tak tau. Gambar ni pun cilok kat facebook. Apa pun tahniah bro. Dah jadi bapak........

Spook or spoof?

CCTV appears to show a 'ghost' haunting a phone shop

CCTV footage posted on YouTube appears to show the 'ghost' of a young girl haunting a well-known mobile phone store

A spooky-looking female figure can be seen walking past a doorway at the back of the store, pausing to turn her head and look straight into the recording surveillance camera.
The opening credits state that today's shop was "built on the site of a Victorian orphanage" — suggesting that the 'spirit' is one of its dead orphans.
The credits add that this is an authentic ghost sighting: "This is genuine footage which has been examined by experts.
"They were unable to provide any answers."
Andrew Dasilva, who came across the video and posted it on YouTube, said: "I couldn't believe this when I saw it, it freaked me out.
"I said to my mate that we had to put it out there so people could make a judgement for themselves.
"I still don't know what to think of it. It's absolutely surreal."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Berba Mum In Kidnap Scare

Ace Dimitar Berbatov in kidnap hell
27 September 2011
The Sun UK 
PREMIER League ace Dimitar Berbatov was stunned last night after a man was seized for allegedly threatening to kidnap his mother.
The Manchester United forward's terrified mum Margarita received an email warning she would be abducted unless a large cash sum was handed over.
Anti-Mafia cops arrested suspect Petar Antonov, 38, at his home in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, where Berbatov grew up and nurse Margarita, 51, still lives.
The swoop came after IT experts allegedly traced the email to Antonov's home computer.
Berbatov, 30 — bought for £31million from Spurs in 2008 — has been targeted by criminals before.
He fled his homeland two years ago after police warned of a plot to snatch him, girlfriend Elena and one-year-old daughter Dea while they were on a visit. And Berbatov was an 18-year-old playing for Bulgarian side CSKA Sofia when he was kidnapped by a local criminal who tried to persuade him to play for his team FC Levski Kjustendil.
Cops are examining whether the threat to his mother was politically motivated.

UCL Matchday 2 Result: United 3-3 Basel

I was hoping many goals at Old Trafford and it was granted. But not in this kind of score line. Again the Swiss went back home with a point. However this game should serve United as the wake up call. There are a lot of things need extra attention especially at the back line. 

United started with five men in the midfield with surprising omission of Nani. Valencia claimed the right winger spot with Young at the left. Anderson and Carrick were the first choice for central midfield. Giggs as expected was given supporting role for the lone striker. Another surprise selection was Welbeck as the lone striker ahead more experience Berbatov. Meanwhile Fabio was again preferred rightback with Jones, Ferdinand and Evra completed the back four.

The game was played in the high tempo that been the style of United for Champion League games. Both team adapted well but Basel had showed the signs that United will not have easy night with several dangerous shots. However it was United taken the lead. Quick passes resulted United first goal that scored by Welbeck which assisted by Giggs. Then a minute later Welbeck scored the second where was also assisted by Giggs.

Although trailing by two goals Basel never gave up. And their persistent was paid where they score a beautiful goal from the 18 yards box by Fabian Frei. It was a thunderbolt that left De Gea rooted on his line. Second goal was score by Alexender Frei who send a header passed De Gea. Questions raised regarding Ferdinand performance last night especially the way United conceded the second goal. Ferdinand positioning was way  convenient. He did not try to attack the ball which left Frei with free header. Seemed that he had lost his timely interception ability and his great anticipation skill.

Then came the third goal that stunned the Old Trafford. It was rather soft penalty. I did not think many referees will give penalty in the kind of Valencia situation. No need to elaborate more. Nevertheless it was good penalty taken Alexander Frei.

Then came the bombardment from United. Berbatov who came in for Anderson came twice to score. First  from the glancing then at the end of the game where smashed the ball for side netting, although the better choice was to cross the ball. Welbeck also had a chance to grab hatrick but his effort went wide. It was left to Young who came to save United blushes. He planted a header to beat Basel keeper at near post from Nani superb cross.

Well United had four more games to go. This game should give United lesson in Champions League and to wake up the United players that they could not rest on their laurel with their great run in domestic league.

Glory Glory United

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malaysia is the safest country in South East Asia

Malaysia ranks no 4th in Asia Pacific and 19th in the world

The Global Peace Index (GPI) 2011 results showed that Malaysia ranked 19th  for safest country in the world. Better than his neighbour Singapore who ranked 24th.

The GPI was founded by Steve Killelea, an Australian international technology  entrepreneur and philanthropist. It forms part of the Institute for Economics and Peace, a global think tank dedicated to the research and education of the relationship between economic development, business and peace. The GPI is collated and calculated by the Economist Intelligence Unit, with whom this report is written in co-operation.

Asia Pacific
Overall  Rank
Overall Score
Regional Rank
New Zealand
South Korea
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka
North Korea